Black Forest Closures

There are 4 Black Forest closures. The Black Forest closures are also referred to as the Sundance closures because they are all accessed via Sundance.

  • On Sundance about 50 meters past Easter Gully you will see a metal sign on the left side on a path leading to the top of Black Forest. This path is called “Home Run”. Spin this “Lift Closed” sign so it is visible from Sundance. Leave the sign where it is and don’t move it to the side when re-opening access to Black Forest.
  • Continue down Sundance to the top of Telus Park. Keep left on Sundance and after a steep-ish pitch, you will see a cut over to Millie’s Mile. Put up a half closure here using the large “Lift Closed” sign and the spool of rope. This closure is always a half closure.
  • Continue down Sundance (not Millie’s) and take a left onto Short Cut. After the bridge you will see a sign and spool on the left side. Put up a half closure here. This closure is always a half closure. It is also called the Copper Kettle closure because it is near the Copper Kettle condos.
  • There is a bamboo half closure that is put up in the morning and taken down at the end of the day. It is just below the Black Forest lift corrals and partially blocks access to the Nordic trails. Its purpose is to warn downhill skiers they are entering the Nordic trails and there is no access back to Happy Valley using these trails.